BaseLink Community in a Nutshell

Supporting the Basel Innovation Ecosystem

Who we are

We are an association recently founded with the name BaseLink.Community. Originally, the idea of a network organization on site was kicked-off by Senn Resources AG, St. Gallen, the builder and site developer of SIP Basel Area Main Campus, HORTUS and the Innovation Garage on the BaseLink site. At the moment André Moeri, Sarina Pensa & David Walter are working for the association with a workload of 170%.

What we do

We are developing ideas for the Main Campus to foster an innovation ecosystem on the entire BaseLink site with its neighborhood Bachgraben area. Our purpose will be to represent common interests such as mobility, catering, site culture, events, etc., mainly with regards to what our members wish to create and have available and what is required in order to have a working innovation ecosystem.

Why we do this

We want to create a fully working innovation ecosystem with a focus on inhabitants within the business areas of life science, med tech and technology, etc. Everything we do will be co-created by the protagonists on-site in interaction with the whole area surrounding the site. BaseLink shall become a fully working neighborhood with services, retail and everything that will be needed from people working here to live & receive required services before, during and after their work-time.

Innovation Ecosystem Action Wheel

Our reach is not only focused on protagonists on site but also on policy, hubs, mentors, investors, government, impact groups, service providers, universities, programs, events, data and cooperation with external corporates.

How we do it

Everything we do should help to get closer to at least one of the WHO Sustainable Development Goals. We follow a simple manifesto: purpose over profit, individuals over process, empowerment over controlling, actions over words, efficacy over efficiency, transparency over secrecy, eco-systems over ego-systems, adapting to change over maintaining the status quo.

BaseLink.Community, ℅ Innovation Office Universität Basel, Kreuzstrasse 4, 4123 Allschwil | [email protected]