Autumn Semester Starts for Students at Swiss TPH

Autumn Semester Starts for Students at Swiss TPH

Swiss TPH warmly welcomes the new students to our Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes as well as to our postgraduate courses in association with the University of Basel.


Bachelor and Master programmes

This semester, 16 students are starting the Master’s degree programmes in Epidemiology and Infection Biology at the University of Basel which are organized by Swiss TPH. The MSc in Epidemiology centres around teaching of epidemiology and biostatistics followed by research work typically embedded in a field study of Swiss TPH. The MSc in Infection Biology focuses on host-pathogen interactions and aims to understand the mechanisms through which poverty-related infections – such as bacteria and parasites – cause disease. Knowledge gained from studying these and other aspects of infection biology provides the basis for the development of novel diagnostic tools, drugs and vaccines for improved prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

In association with the University of Basel, Swiss TPH also offers courses for the Bachelor's degree in Biology and Medicine such as the 6-week block course on infection biology and epidemiology.

“It is always a great pleasure to welcome new students to Swiss TPH,” said Peter Odermatt, Head of the Bachelor-Master-Doctorate unit at Swiss TPH. “We are all looking forward to the personal interactions in the classroom after months of online sessions.”

Doctorate and PhD programmes

Swiss TPH also welcomed 29 new PhD students from 19 different countries. As students at the University of Basel, they will pursue their studies in a broad range of research areas – from medical parasitology and infection biology to epidemiology and public health and medical anthropology.

“I am excited to pursue my PhD in Epidemiology at Swiss TPH,” said Vilaysone Khounvisith, PhD student at Swiss TPH. “My research focuses on the relationship between water, sanitation and hygiene – so called WASH – levels and infectious diseases in Lao PDR.”

Postgraduate courses

At the postgraduate level, we welcomed the 21 participants of the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) course “Internationale Zusammenarbeit und globale Gesundheit (IZGG)” (course in German; English title “International Cooperation and Global Health”). The CAS IZGG is aimed at professionals from the health sector and people interested from other professions who are preparing to work abroad or who are confronted with intercultural communication, migration and health in a global context.

Education and Training at Swiss TPH

Swiss TPH provides a unique learning experience in a wide range of topics, including international health, epidemiology, public health, infection biology, clinical practice, insurance medicine and management. Swiss TPH's offerings include undergraduate and master opportunities, as well as doctoral and PhD programmes in association with the University of Basel. At the postgraduate level, a range of professional certificates (CAS), diplomas (DAS) and master (MAS) programmes can be completed at Swiss TPH.


Peter Odermatt

Peter Odermatt

, Prof. Dr.

Head of Unit


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