Lunch Seminar with Symcel

Lunch Seminar with Symcel

opportunities for biocalorimetry?

The calScreener assay offers a precise method for monitoring metabolic responses in biological systems through
bioactivity monitoring. Our isothermal microcalorimetry instrument has been designed specifically for cell-biology,
providing accurate monitoring of cell metabolism based on a well-established scientific methodology. Unlike other
technologies that rely on genotype-based testing, the calScreener is a true phenotype (functional) assay. It allows for
the study of all cellular parameters in context, regardless of sample composition or morphology. If you are looking for
a reliable and accurate method for monitoring cell metabolism, the calScreener is the ideal choice.

Dr. Malin Suurkuusk:
has more than 30 years of
experience in microcalorimetry and various
microcalorimetric techniques and applications.
Her educational background is in biochemistry,
physical chemistry, and biophysics. She holds a PhD
from the University of Lund where she studied
calorimetry and characterized lipoproteins using
isothermal microcalorimetry, DSC and ITC as well as
other biophysical methods.
As Product Manager at Symcel, she has gained a
deep knowledge of microcalorimetry techniques and a
broad knowledge of microcalorimetry applications.

Dr. Kasper Kragh:
has a background in medical
microbiology and antimicrobial susceptibility testing.
Dr. Kragh has over 15 years of experience in
high-impact biomedical and clinical microbiology
research where he published 58 papers developing
new methods and gaining new insight into biofilms and
chronic infections.
Before joining Symcel he worked 5 years with the
calScreener at the Costerton Biofilm Centre. Getting
insights into biofilm regulation, rapid resistance and
tolerance screener and the development of synergistic
combination treatments. Kasper now leads Symcel’s
scientific development as the senior scientist.

How can you find out what the calScreener can do for you? Come to the Lunch Seminar, 11:30am on the 19th
of September at Switzerland Innovation Park, in the Aula (Main Campus) and meet Malin and Kasper!
They will be guiding all of you to discover and unleash the potential of biocalorimetry.