The Resistant Mosquito

The Resistant Mosquito

Staying Ahead of the Game in the Fight against Malaria

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Massive Open Online Course Starts on 25 July.
In collaboration with the University Basel

Learn how insecticide resistance impacts infection prevention and control
Nearly half of the world’s population continues to be at risk of contracting malaria, with over 241 million cases in 2020 alone.

On this three-week course, you’ll examine the rise of insecticide resistant mosquitoes and the resultant need for a new approach in the world’s fight against malaria transmittance.

Guided by experts from the Swiss TPH, a world-leading institute in global health, you’ll investigate Insecticide Resistance Management as a response to these challenges and effective integration into vector control programs.

Explore vector control, insecticides, and insecticide resistance (IR)
From insecticide-treated mosquito nets to drug access, you’ll learn about the remarkable progress that has been made over the past two decades in malaria prevention.

Using case studies, you’ll identify how the mosquito’s adaptability has impacted current measures, allowing you to explain why malaria continues to be a threat.

Examine the global response to malaria vector control
You’ll explore the causes and consequences of IR, from agricultural insecticide use to cross-resistance. You’ll then learn why surveillance and monitoring of species is key to designing vector control programs.

Using this knowledge, you’ll be able to discuss the challenges of effective vector control design.

Discover Insecticide Resistance Management and steps towards malaria eradication
Bringing your learning together, you’ll assess and identify practical steps towards implementing Insecticide Resistance Management and its integration into large vector control programs.

You’ll finish this course being able to explain IR and its effect on malaria prevention. You’ll also be able to discuss strategies for mosquito control and malaria eradication using IRM.


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